‘Dadish 3D’ Is a New 3D Platformer From ‘Dadish’ and ‘Molecano’ Developer Thomas Young Out This Month on Mobile, Switch, and PC – TouchArcade

By admin Apr2,2024

Developer Thomas K Young is back with a new Dadish game, but this time, the radish dad heads into a new dimension. Dadish 3D is a challenging 3D platformer coming to mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch later this month. Dadish 3D features 50 levels, 49 radishes, 1 possum, and more to find including riding on a hamburger and taking on five bosses. The stages will also have secrets to find, and it looks excellent going by the gameplay trailer. I rarely end up loving 3D platformers with Penny’s Big Breakaway being a recent exception, but Dadish 3D looks like my jam. Dadish 3D follows Daily Dadish that included 365 hand-crafted levels. Watch the Dadish 3D gameplay and announcement trailer below:

Dadish 3D is in development for mobile, Switch, and Windows release on April 23rd. It will be priced at $14.99 on Switch and Windows with the mobile release being free with ads (hopefully with the ability to pay and remove said ads). Thomas says more platforms for Dadish 3D will follow. I’ve not really kept up with their games outside mobile, Switch, and Steam, but I’m glad that this one will hit more platforms. I’m looking forward to playing it on iOS and Steam Deck. Check out the official Dadish 3D website here. Have you played prior Dadish games and will you be playing Dadish 3D when it launches on April 23rd worldwide?

By admin

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