An annoying bug is making it impossible for digital Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players to get the platinum trophy right now

By admin Apr2,2024

Struggling to get that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth platinum trophy? You’re not the only one, as a bug is preventing a particular trophy from registering.

As of right now, if you’re playing a digital copy of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it’ll be impossible for you to net every single trophy in the game. Initially reported (and experienced) by Kotaku writer Zack Zwiezen, the bug in question is affecting one particular trophy, which is the one you get when you beat the highest score on the game’s G-Bike arcade simulator. To get the trophy, you have to beat ultimate party animal’s high score specifically, but the bug, which seemingly only cropped up after the game’s 1.020 patch, stops the game from registering your score, meaning you can’t get the trophy for it, and in turn the platinum trophy.

There is a workaround though, but unfortunately it only works for physical players right now. If you are playing on disc, you annoyingly need to go through the process of uninstalling the game, disconnecting your PS5 from the internet, and then reinstalling the game. After that, you’ll need to reload a save prior to completing the side quest, and get the high score after that. Obviously you have to hope your previous save wasn’t too far back before that point, so I’m sorry to the trophy hunters that might have to go through this process.

For digital players, there is no fix right now. Hopefully Square Enix is aware of the problem and plans to fix it, but obviously if your save data has technically registered that you’ve completed the side quest, there’s the question of whether the trophy can be unlocked unless you go back to an earlier save, but again that could result in a lot of time lost. For now, you’ll just have to cross your fingers, or simply wait to beat that side quest.

By admin

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