A Short Voyage: Cozy MMO Noah’s Heart to Shut Down After Two Years

By admin Apr2,2024

I’ve got some sad news for fans of Noah’s Heart: Archosaur Games has announced that the MMORPG will end its service on April 29, 2024. While it captured the imagination initially, it seems like the spark faded.

Since its launch in 2022, many players have carved out a cozy corner in Noah’s Heart. The game offered a world of fantastical creatures and epic battles, all set on the mysterious planet Noah. Players teamed up with ghostly allies to overthrow landscapes, facing challenges across eight distinct regions.

Why The Sudden End?

Noah’s Heart rivaled big names like Genshin Impact for a while. But like many galleons, the game couldn’t keep the wind in its sails. The last major update docked in November 2022, leaving many a Captain adrift without new lands to explore.

Archosaur Games hasn’t charted a specific course for why they’re hauling anchor on Noah’s Heart. Unfortunately, this lack of a detailed treasure map is too common in online games.

Still, the developers aren’t leaving their crew entirely high and dry. They’ve issued a heartfelt message thanking players for their adventures together. But for those who’ve already charted a course on Noah’s Heart, there’s a chance to salvage some treasures.

Time To Switch Games?

You can request a refund if your leftover in-game currency (Ori-Crystals) is stashed in your Captain’s chest. Now, there’s a twist: this refund won’t be in gold doubloons you can spend in Noah’s Heart. Instead, Archosaur Games offers a bounty of Diamonds in their other MMO, Dragon Raja.

Those interested in this treasure swap should follow the official Noah’s Heart website for instructions. You’ll need to provide some details about your characters in both games to prove you’re the rightful owner of those Ori-Crystals. The remaining Ori-Crystals you have stashed away in the game will be converted into equal Coupons in Dragon Raja, plus a bonus of 5,000 Diamonds. A good haul!

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