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By admin Apr1,2024

My Type SOUL Hollow Box guide tells you how to get these loot boxes, and what you gain from opening them. Hollow Boxes are a great way of expanding your weaponry arsenal to become even stronger as a Hollow.

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Type SOUL Hollow Box Obtainment

As expected, a Hollow Box is exclusive to Hollow races, and obtaining Hollow Boxes is simple but timed. You can get Hollow Boxes from KT Shops after a successful Raid. The easiest way to farm Raids is to hop into active raid servers and join the fight alongside other players. The shop will then sell Hollow Boxes for 30 minutes after a winning raid, where you can purchase them for 40k Kan each.

Hollow Boxes do not drop from the raids you complete. This item is only available in KT Shops within that 30-minute window after a successful raid. If you die with a Hollow Box before using it you will NOT drop it for other players to snatch. Meaning you don’t need to open it immediately after purchase. Upon opening it the Box will spin for a random Arrancar Weapon.

What Do Hollow Boxes Do?

Once you’ve got a Hollow Box, you can open it to spin for a random Arrancar Weapon reroll. An Arrancar is a Hollow which has removed its mask and now wields a weapon. The weapon created will be based on the Hollow’s original form and can be one of the following:

  • Ulquiorra’s Katana
  • Grimmjow’s Claws
  • Barragan’s Axe
  • Neliel’s Lance
  • Nnoitra’s Scythe
  • Harribel’s Dagger
  • Wonderweiss’s Sword

About Type SOUL

Type Soul is an expansive action-packed game on Roblox based on the hit series, Bleach! Meet familiar characters, unlock special abilities, and defeat a variety of enemies along the way. Play as the classic Soul Reaper, or maybe you fancy being a Hollow? Either way, there’s tons of fun ahead in this highly detailed RPG!

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