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Once you’ve selected your faction and hit start, the game begins but offers little direction as to what to do. My Type SOUL Beginners Guide tells you how to begin your journey through each race option to become a formidable player.

There are three factions on entry, Quincy, Shikigami (Soul Reaper), and Hollows. The game provides a synopsis for each race, so choose wisely which matches your preferred playstyle best.

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Type SOUL Beginners Guide

As mentioned, there are three routes to pick from when beginning Type SOUL. This section is split into 3 for each beginning route.

Shikigami Route

So, you chose the Shikigami faction. Your first objective is to die. No, seriously! Enlist the help of NPCs or other players and embrace death! To become a Soul Reaper, wander around Karakura Town as a Lost Soul until you locate the Kisuke NPC. This NPC will turn you into a Soul Reaper after interacting. Now you’re a Soul Reaper, speak to the Kisuke NPC again who will transport you to Rukongai as a trainee.

Progressing as a Soul Reaper is simple. Open a Party from the game menu and begin tackling missions from the queuing board. Top Tip: Learn Flashstep from the Skill Tree for 0 Skill Points! A handy freebie.

Hollow Route

Entering the world as a Hollow is for the players itching for violence. You’ll begin your Hollow journey as an entity known as Fishbone and begin by slaughtering any other living creature including other Hollows. When killing other Hollows, you must feast on their decaying flesh, which will automatically evolve you to the next stage when enough body (EXP) is consumed.

There are a few more evolutions which you gain through similar methods of violence, or you can peel off your mask to enter your Arrancar state sooner. Top Tip: The sooner you pull off the mask, the weaker your Arrancar form will be. The following evolutions are:

  • Fishbone
  • Menos
  • Adjuchas
  • Vastolorde

Top Tip: Learn Flashstep and Hierro from the Skill Tree for 0 Skill Points each! Some handy freebies.

Quincy Route

Similar to the Shikigami route your first objective is to die. You’ll become a Lost Soul, and instead of seeking an NPC, you must find a set location. Head to Wanden Gate within Karakura Town, once inside find the white statue with a white glowing sword and speak with it. After the conversation, you will be reborn into the world as a Quincy.

Now as a Quincy, you’ll want to queue for missions via the party board from the game menu. Top Tip: Learn Flashstep from the Skill Tree for 0 Skill Points! A handy freebie.

What Next?

After all three routes have experienced some level of combat training, you should begin to take part in the main game story via quests. Join Raids, defeat bosses, fellow players and NPCs and build your arsenal of loot. Each faction has unique wearables to boost its strength as well as a defined Skill Tree to boost existing talents.

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