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Each roll is a chance for better weaponry, but did you know that each roll during an event is unique too? My Blades of Chance Map Event Guide covers each strange geographical phenomenon that happens server-wide in random intervals and what it means.

Check out Blades of Chance over on Roblox. For more game content, check out my Blades of Chance Codes guide and Blades of Chance All Blades guide.

Blades of Chance Map Event Guide

Map Events don’t inflict any change on your existing luck. But, keeping an eye on the forecast could introduce some rarer blades into your arsenal. These events happen at random and are server-wide. You can track the current cycle at the top centre of the game screen, or take a look around and you’ll notice that occasionally the island looks a little different.

As mentioned, Map Events have no impact on your existing luck, but they do host rare blades. So, what does that mean? Well, some Blades are exclusive to certain weather conditions meaning they can only be looted from chests during that event and its short longevity. Having luck boosters will help in getting these exclusive blades since Events are rare, sparse, and don’t last very long.

That isn’t all, Map Events also help cross off your Achievements page checklist. Experiencing certain Map Events for the first time, even if you don’t roll a rare blade, will check off an Achievement awarding you a sum of Gems. Gems are great for storage expansion to hold more blades, as well as opening the Chest of Dreams for limited Blades.

Map Events So Far

These are the known Map Events so far including defining features and exclusive blades:

  • Normal – Nothing out of the ordinary
  • Eclipse – The island falls dark despite being daytime and a unique sun is visible in the sky.
    • Unique blades unknown as of right now
  • Solar Flare – Hot energy races across the skies high above the island.
    • Unique blades unknown as of right now
  • Aurora – Check back soon!
    • Unique blades unknown as of right now
  • Tranquillity – The island feels calm with fluttering butterflies and petals descending around the map.
    • Unique blades unknown as of right now

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