Blades Of Chance Quests Guide

By admin Mar31,2024
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Blades Of Chance just dropped, and Gems are what make the world go round. You can increase your storage, buy items, and even require a Chest Of Dreams. What’s the easiest free way to get Gems? Completing quests! These quests are a sustainable way to get Gems every day. If you’re confused, we’re here to assist! Our Blades Of Chance quests guide covers what you need to know about dailies, weeklies, and achievements.

If you’re looking to play Blades Of Chance yourself, check it out on Roblox. We’ve also got a Blades of Chance All Blades guide to help you with rarities.

Blades Of Chance Quests Guide

Let’s cover the different kinds of quest.

Daily Quest

These are a set of three objectives that reset daily. They generally award 50 Gems on completion. If you want to complete them, and get the Gem reward, you’ll have to do it before the daily quest refreshes, so hop to it! You can check how much time you have until the refresh in the Quests window.

Weekly Quests

These are four slightly more ambitious quests that reset every weekend. They tend to be larger than daily quests, but you have more time to do them. Weekly Quests generally reward 100 Gems on completion.


These are permanent quests that are associated with reaching certain milestones in-game. Some of them give out some pretty good rewards.

We’ve included a list of these permanent quests, and how many gems they give on completion.

  • Open 50 Chests – 50 Gems
  • Open 500 Chests – 150 Gems
  • Open 1500 Chests – 250 Gems
  • Play for 1 hour – 50 Gems
  • Play for 10 hours – 250 Gems
  • Get 10 kills in The Arena – 50 Gems
  • Get 100 kills in The Arena – 250 Gems
  • Consume 15 potions – 50 Gems
  • Consume 50 potions – 250 Gems
  • Witness the ‘Tranquility’ map event – 100 Gems
  • Witness the ‘Eclipse’ map event – 100 Gems
  • Witness the ‘Aurora’ map event – 100 Gems
  • Witness the ‘Solar Flare’ map event – 200 Gems
  • Unlock a blade rarer than 1 in 1000 – 100 Gems
  • Unlock a map event exclusive blade – 500 Gems

Top Tip: Don’t forget to go into your Quest menu and redeem the reward for each of the completed Quests, you won’t get the Gems automatically!

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