Suns Sets, Servers Down: Blue Reflection Sun To Shutdown This May!

By admin Mar30,2024

The Blue Reflection Sun shutdown is set for May 30, 2024. In the meantime, the developers are offering a final hurrah for players with new content and events. Here is everything we know so far-

The announcement comes alongside a timeline for winding down service. In-game purchases for gems and “Ikusei Boost” have already ceased. The developers plan to release additional content and events leading to the May 30th shutdown, including new character illustrations and opportunities to acquire past limited-edition characters.

However, it also included several characters from the mainline console games transformed into magical girls. The game never received an official localization outside of Japan. The decision to end service comes despite the developers’ efforts to keep the game going.

Why Is The Game Shutting Down?

So why is the Blue Reflection Sun Shutdown even happening in the first place? The companies haven’t given specific reasons for the shutdown, which is a shame. However, the mobile gaming market is very competitive, and it’s possible that the game needs to make its revenue or player engagement goals.

Fans of Blue Reflection can still enjoy many things even though the game is closed. Blue Reflection: Second Light is another platform game about magical girls fighting demons. It works on PC, PS4, and Switch.

Service will end on May 30, so enjoy the game while you still can! Until the end of April, the makers plan to release new content, such as a special illustration and events that make it easier to obtain characters. You can no longer buy in-game cash and boosters.

Fans are sad that Blue Reflection Sun’s service was shut down, but it’s always good to remember that the world of games is constantly growing and has new stories waiting for you. To give the game one last shot, head to the Google Play Store!

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