Blades of Chance Map Event Guide

By admin Mar29,2024
Feature image for our Blades Of Chance map events guide. It shows a view of the sky during the Eclipse event.

Blades Of Chance is here, and there’s a new map to explore. It’s not only the geography to discover, it’s all the strange weathers and cosmic events that happen from time to time. Blades Of Chance has some very cool events to watch out for… and they might help you roll a few special blades, too. Our Blades Of Chance map event guide goes over what we know so far.

Want to play Blades Of Chance for yourself? It’s over on Roblox for free. We’ve got plenty more Blades Of Chance content where that came from. So try out our Blades Of Chance all blades guide, and our Blades Of Chance chest guide if you want some more info.

Blades Of Chance Map Event Guide

Here we’ll try to cover any questions you might have.

What Are Map Events?

Map Events are weather phenomena that affect the whole server for a short period of time. The area environment appears to change and you may see some added effects. These are unaffected by your personal Luck value.

What Are The Known Map Events

The map events we know so far are listed below.

  • Tranquility
  • Eclipse – The area goes dark in the daytime, and an obscured sun is visible in the sky.
  • Aurora
  • Solar Flare – Energy radiates across the sky.

Are There Any Benefits To Map Events?

According to an associated quest, there are certain blades that are exclusive to certain Map Events, and only rollable while they are active.

This isn’t the only reason to be excited to see one, though! The achievement quests in the third tab in the quests window offer rewards for seeing each of the map events. Each nets you 100 Gems each, so experiencing all the map events nets you 400 free Gems just for seeing them, nice!

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