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This Robending Map guide walks you through the in-game locations as you go. Make sure to check back for new islands and other places, so don’t forget to bookmark!

Explore the open-world now by visiting the Robending Roblox page. To learn more about the game, have a look at our Robending Boss Drops guide and our Robending Accessories guide!

Robending Map

Curious about the different places you can visit in Robending? Whether you’re looking for boss locations, where you can browse to your heart’s content or other reasons, you’re in the right place!

Harmony City

The beginner area! All players arrive in this city first. It’s where you’ll be doing a lot of your early game level grinding, with a ton of quests to pick up from the get-go. It’s split into 2 parts, so let’s look at each of them!

Lower Part

In the Lower Part of Harmony City, you can find the following NPCs for main story quests:

  • Bumi
    • Unlocks the 2 Bumi Missions
  • Fire Master
  • Air Master
  • Water Master
  • Earth Master

The Water Spirit Boss is also located in the Lower Part, which is a boss that has a 5% spawn rate – this can increase during the Full Moon world event! For more on the in-game world events, take a look at our Robending World Events guide.

Locations Within the Lower Part
  • Park
    • This is where you find the majority of NPCs that offer main quests and side quests
  • Shop
    • Where you can buy accessories, potions, boats, gliders, scrolls, and armor
  • Barber

Higher Part

The other half of Harmony City! There are additional NPCs that offer quests, including the Water Noob NPC which provides daily quests. In need of some extra healing? Then head to the Cafe to purchase a HP replenishing coffee.

  • Equaliser Mission
    • The dungeon where the Equaliser boss resides
      • Drops the Equaliser mask and armor, as well as some scrolls

Fire Nation Island

Fire Nation Island is the second island you unlock and is found to the North. You need to be level 60 before you can even access this area! To make your way to the island, you can sail with a boat, glide with an obtainable glider, or take a long swim through the ocean (I don’t recommend the latter!).

Locations Within Fire Nation Island

  • Shop
    • Sells accessories, scrolls, boats, armor, potions and gliders
  • Prodigy Mission
    • A dungeon on Fire Nation Island! It’s located by the temple on the edge of the island
    • Prodigy boss
      • Drops weapons, armor, and other items

Southern Air Temple

There isn’t much here except for a raid, a dungeon, and a shop that sells the usual items!

  • Air Temple Mission
    • A dungeon in the Southern Air Temple by the tower
    • Drops outfits, scrolls, items, and weapons
    • You can find the Air Grand Master and the Air Master here
  • Air Raid

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