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By admin Mar28,2024

Earlier this month, Capcom announced that the RE Engine-powered remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for iOS and Android would be releasing this month alongside the original iOS version being delisted. The old version of Ghost Trick was the only modern version of the game available until Capcom remastered it for PC and consoles back in June last year. I played and adored it again on Switch and Steam Deck. Today, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (the remaster) has started rolling out worldwide on iOS and Android. What’s interesting is that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a free to start release on iOS with a single in app purchase while the Android version is a premium game with no trial or demo. Watch the new Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective mobile announcement trailer below:

You can download Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for free on iOS here and buy it for $19.99 on Android here. The iOS version has a single all chapters unlock in app purchase. Both the in app purchase and the full Android game are discounted until April 3rd to celebrate the mobile launch. You can also check out the remaster on Steam and all other consoles with demos available. Read Shaun’s review here. Hopefully this does well enough and Capcom brings The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to iOS in the future. Note that there is no save transfer to the new version on iOS from the older release. You also need to download a few hundred MB when launching the game. I’m always glad to have a reason to replay Capcom’s masterpiece and I’ll be playing it for review soon. Have you played the remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective or the original before?

By admin

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