Skullgirls Mobile 6.2 Update: Showstopper Stage where Guest Stars Make a Dramatic Entrance

By admin Mar27,2024

Skullgirls Mobile throws another punch with its latest update! The Skullgirls Mobile 6.2 Update brings a fresh wave of content, including a new stage, guest stars, and more. From a balance patch to free stuff, there’s plenty to explore!

Skullgirls is renowned for its gorgeous art style, and this update lets you collect and admire it in-game. You can unlock classic and brand-new high-resolution artwork that can also provide stat bonuses for certain fighters.

New Content for Players

The Backstage Pass system will continue to deliver two brand new fighters every month, giving you more options to experiment with and build your dream team.

Losing a streak in a prize fight can be frustrating. There will now be a free one-time streak restoration every Prize Fight, with a low fixed cost for subsequent uses. This should make climbing the Prize Fight ladder less stressful.

The developers are committed to keeping the game balanced, and a future update will include a Fighter Tuning Pass that tweaks various characters to make sure they all stay competitive. 

Guest Stars Are Coming!

Instead of adding entirely new characters this year, Hidden Variable is introducing guest stars. These are brand new characters that can be assigned to any fighter and act as special attacks or helpers during combat. This system should allow the developers to introduce new characters more quickly and gauge player favorites to inform future full character additions.

Additionally, watch out for potential customization options to showcase your favourite fighters in the Skullgirls Mobile 6.2 Update. Players will soon be able to record and share fight replays, which allows them to learn new combos, analyze matches, and share epic victories with the community.

Build Guilds

Guilds are a long-awaited feature, and 2024 marks the year the groundwork is laid. This initial version will focus on creating guilds and fostering community among guildmates. There will be more guild features in the future!

Skullgirls Mobile has a deep combat system, and understanding all the intricacies can be tricky. So, to help out, the developers are working on in-game resources that explain modifiers, signature abilities, and other mechanics.

The developers are also planning more in the long run, including potentially revisiting Origin Stories and adding new game modes.

Now that you’re updated on the patch notes, download the game on Google Play!
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