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By admin Mar27,2024

I reckon Hades RNG Death Melody aura is one of my favourites in the game, so let’s deep dive into it, and learn more about its rarity!

Head over to the Hades RNG Roblox page to try your luck! For another rare aura, take a look at our Hades RNG Cheatreal showcase guide – just how rare is it? And if you’d like some potential freebies, check out our Hades RNG Codes guide!

Hades RNG Death Melody

If you’ve read our Hades RNG Rarest Auras guide, you’ll know that the Death Melody aura is the second-rarest in the game right now! It has a 1 in 6,666,666 chance of dropping as you roll, which makes sense when you look at the aura itself.

When you successfully roll Death Melody, your screen turns black, and a bright spinning red star appears. Your screen turns red and you obtain the Death Melody aura!

Equipping Death Melody creates a wide red circle beneath your floating avatar. A white star shines in the middle, as beams of light and sparkling stars appear around the circle.

To fit the ‘melody’ theme, there are musical notes hovering around too, as well as 2 star orbs on either side, with guitar frets moving downward (a little like Guitar Hero!). And lastly, there is a giant red planet above your avatar with a star in the middle and red sparks flying out from the bottom.

Top Tips to Obtain Death Melody

To obtain any high-rarity aura in Hades RNG, you need to work towards crafting the different Gwa Gwa items. Some Gwa Gwa types are better than others, with a higher luck buff.

However, they can be time-consuming to get. I recommend going for the easier Gwa Gwa first and slowly building up to the more powerful ones as you collect more auras and expand your in-game storage.

By admin

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