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If you want to know how to get the Elemental Dungeons lunar shards then you’re in the right place! We have the full how-to here plus, some say there are Lunar Shards hidden within our guide!

Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed adventure game that revolves around battling against bosses, exploring dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, and a wide range of elemental abilities to wield in combat. Work through a variety of quests to earn Gems, which can then be used to roll for brand-new magical powers!

For more information about Elemental Dungeons, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also covered Elemental Dungeons Evil Drive Guide and Elemental the Dungeons Tier List. If you’re looking for more Roblox games to play, take a look at our Anime Champions Simulator Quirks guide.

Elemental Dungeons Lunar Shards

Oh, here’s a Lunar Shard!

What Are Lunar Shards

Lunar Shards are an item that only the most dedicated of players will be able to obtain due to them being rather grind-heavy, so get prepared! Shards come in varieties and all have can be obtained whilst dungeon crawling, and each Shard has a unique purpose. Lunar Shards in particular are tricky since they come from the level 45+ challenges within Elemental Dungeons. They are a necessary material if you want to upgrade your abilities such as Dash V2, which is  available at level 75.

You may also need Lunar Shards if you have just unlocked the Alchemist, as certain buffs can be purchased in exchange for these purple gems.

How To Get Lunar Shards

Lunar Shards are dropped by the Desert Bandit Mobs, which are found within the Nightmare Area. You can recognise the Shards by their purple appearance when they scatter across the dungeon floor. It can take a few runs to get enough Lunar Shards as they aren’t a guaranteed drop hence why we called it grindy.

To one-shot the mobs within this dungeon we recommend you wait until you are level 40+. Otherwise, this process to earn Lunar Shards becomes far more time consuming and of course, more grindy. As promised, here is a Lunar Shard, just for you!

lunar shard

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