Anime Roulette Items Guide – Full Item List Including Benefits!

By admin Mar27,2024

In this Anime Roulette Items Guide, I outline the different drop items within the game, where to find them and what they do. If you’re after a luck increase or crafting essentials then read on!

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Anime Roulette Items

Drop Items refers to collectables found around the island of Anime Roulette. These Items often spawn in random intervals with no set preference to time of day or weathering. The location of Items, however, isn’t entirely random, as they typically spawn within a set marked radius.

The item cap sits at 99. This means you can enjoy finding 99 of the same items before your inventory space for that particular type is full. You can have 99 of one item and 99 of another comfortably.

Items List

Requiem Arrows – These glowing arrows offer a nifty little temporary luck boost. Using one of these will generate a 100% luck increase for 30 seconds.

Dragon Balls – Dragon Balls are numbered 1-7 much like in the anime. Keep this in mind because whilst they can be used for a luck boost, they are also used in crafting. If you use these outside of crafting you will receive a 200% luck boost for 5 minutes.

Additionally, Dragon Balls have a higher spawn chance in Snowy weather (day or night), increasing to 1 in 1000.

Sukunas Finger – If you can ignore the flavour of this digit, you can enjoy a roll cooldown time for 30 seconds when using this item. In true Sukuna nature, this does have a downside, which is that it doesn’t stack with skip rolling.

Coins – Visually, coins look as you’d expect. Found as a singular golden coin with a faint outlined glow these drops offer 25 Coins to your currency when used.

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