Facing outrageous haircut prices, Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are farming cash by helping pawns become Witchers

By admin Mar26,2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2 can sometimes be a bit like real life – sometimes everyone has the plague, and you never quite have enough money. Unsurprisingly, folks who’re keen not to have to save up their gold every time they want to try out a new hairstyle are already finding ways to quickly earn a fortune.

Weirdly, it feels like a lot of the chatter around DD2 since it came out has been linked to finances in some way. I’m mainly talking about the furore surrounding those controversial microtransactions, which was arguably a bit overblown, given that a lot of the stuff affected can be found in decent quantities just by playing the game and modders have quickly stepped up to provide alternatives.

Now, however, some players have found a way to use the game’s pawn system a bit like an investment scheme, and apparently it’s pretty lucrative, provided you don’t mind teaching a few hapless helpers how to slay monsters like a Witcher. Yep, someone call Gerry from the Riviera, DD2’s pawn babysitters are coming for his job, and they don’t need any mutations, unless you count Dragonsplague as one.

So, what are they doing? Well, a player with the interesting username Thick_Shady, has outlined their method for racking up cash to the game’s subreddit, in an attempt to get others to sign up for what’s definitely not a medieval fantasy pyramid scheme. The crux of it is simple – set your pawn’s quest to be about killing a monster, for example ogre or a cyclops, and offer a 10,000 gold bounty for it.

While this’ll cost you that 10,000 gold, it means that “multiple people can hire your pawn for the reward without you having to pay multiple times”. So, people can head to a riftstone, search up and recruit some pawns that have those similar missions and rewards, before helping them kill their big beastie targets. Then, to put it simply, profit, multiplied as many times as you can repeat this scheme.

“This works better the more people do this, making it easier for you to find pawns with the 10k gold reward,” Thick_Shady, adds, “You only have to pay 10k gold again after your pawn returns while resting at home or an inn, so make sure to camp instead for as long as you need.”

“Doing this, I made 200k gold within about 2 hours of running around killing [cyclopses] and ogres, not to mention the extra gold you could get from selling the monster drops,” is how they concluded their pitch. It seems like they’ve already got a number of investors too, with plenty of folks sharing the IDs of the would–be Witchers in the thread and one fellow player writing: “I’ve been doing this. When the reward is 10k, people hire.”

Naturally, some are a bit unsure how to think of it, or whether they’re fans of rigging the game’s economy in the player’s favour, rather than just earning a living via regular adventuring. Though, given a haircut can set you back 10,000 gold sometimes in DD2, you can’t really blame people for craving a predictable means of income.

No matter how you feel about teaching some pawns how to walk the path, you’ll be glad to know Capcom’s recently outlined the updates and fixes it’s already got in the works for the game.

By admin

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