Anime Roulette Events Guide – Every Weather and What It Does!

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What are the Anime Roulette Events and how do you join in? My guide tells you everything you need to know about events and what they do. Believe it or not, events are another way to describe the weather in this game!

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Anime Roulette Events Guide

As mentioned, events are the weather cycle, so why is it called an event? This is because the forecast is a rather exciting time for players to roll depending on the cycle. Like a real-life event, exciting things happen during certain weather conditions such as exclusive auras and increased item spawn rates.

Not every event is a weather condition, however. You can track the cycle the game is under through the bottom left of the screen beside the ‘Event’ title.

Events List

Normal (Daytime/Nighttime) – Nothing out of the ordinary

Windy (Daytime/Nighttime) – Drop items have an increased spawn rate across the entire map

Snowy (Daytime/Nighttime) – Increased rarer item drop rate chances such as Dragon Balls. Their drop rate increases to 1 in 1000

Rainy (Nighttime) – Increases luck by 100% for the duration of the event

Sakura (Nighttime) – Increases luck by 200% for the duration of the event

Infinite Tsukuyomi – During this event, the moon will turn into a blood-red Infinite Tsukiyomi and the chances to roll for Uchida-related auras are significantly buffed.

The Eclipse – This incredibly rare event increases the roll rate of the GOD-HAND aura.

Culling Games – The sky remains normal, but during this event, all Jujutsu Kaisen-related auras have a higher roll chance.

Shenron – In true DBZ nature, Shenron is the GOAT (well, dragon) and offers an incredible benefit. The Shenron Event buffs all existing luck TENFOLD.

Black Moon – During this event, all Dragon Ball Z-related auras have an increased roll rate

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