Howl, the Dark Folktale Turn-Based Strategy Game, Released on Mobile

By admin Mar25,2024

Earlier this year, a slick, visually arresting turn-based strategy game called Howl arrived on PC and consoles to general critical acclaim. 

And now you can play it on mobile. 

Published by astragon Entertainment and developed by Mi’pu’mi Games, Howl is billed as the world’s first “tactical folktale”.

It sees you playing as a deaf heroine in a world ravaged by a “howling plague” – that is, a deadly disease that transforms its victims into murderous wolves and spreads through their bloodcurdling howls. 

Inoculated from this plague by deafness, you’re left to search for a cure while protecting fairytale villagers and trying not to be eaten by wolves. 

The turn-based gameplay in Howl involves planning and moving up to six steps per turn, attempting to outflank and outthink your opponents across 60 stages and four chapters. 

Naturally, there are numerous different enemies to deal with, with their own individual attack patterns, vitality levels, and abilities. There are great big slow-moving boss wolves, fast-moving assassins, and more, all hell-bent on having you for lunch.

Standing in their way, aside from your razor-sharp tactical mind, is your own growing array of abilities and skills. 

To keep the wolves at bay you’ll eventually be hurling Smoke Bombs, Vaulting, firing Piercing Shots, darting around using your Shadow Step, and so on.

As well as acquiring new skills you’ll also upgrade the ones you have and unlock even more Action Slots and Undo Round Points to help you get through the game’s increasingly challenging stages. 

Reviewers of the PC and console versions of Howl have praised its slick tactical gameplay, but the game has an even more conspicuous selling point: its art. 

Howl has a unique “living ink” graphical style, intended to give you the feeling that you’re creating your own narrative artwork as you work your way through the story. 

You can download Howl for free on mobile, though it’ll cost you a few bucks to unlock the full version. 
Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to grab Howl right now.

By admin

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