Every replay of Isle Of Maligree is worth reading

By admin Mar25,2024

I usually know right away when I’m going to enjoy interactive fiction. But I don’t always know why. Isle Of Maligree is a bit of an all-rounder, as pretty much every part of it is doing something right, but it’s the sense that you’re making your own version of its story that marks it out.

People are going missing on the island, and you’ve been sent to investigate. Only, it seems this isn’t the first time, because some sinister magic is causing everyone to forget the whole thing ever happened. If you don’t figure it out in time, you’ll have to make a new character and try again. And if you’re an amazing genius who figures it out on your first try… you’ll want to try again anyway, to play it a different way and see what you missed. Maybe one day I’ll even do it without getting stabbed.

By admin

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