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Ready to start using curses in combat? Have a look at our Cursed Sea Tier List to discover which kinds of cursed fruit are best to obtain, and which are best to throw away.

Head to the Cursed Sea Roblox page to start harvesting some Devil Fruit. We’ve got a Cursed Sea Race tier list as well if you’d like to have a nosey at some more of our rankings!

Cursed Sea Tier List

With curses ranging from Mythic to Common, which ones are the best to obtain? If you’ve played any game in this genre before, you’ll know that the rarer something is, the better it performs in combat. So with that, let’s take a look at the strongest and weakest Devil Fruit curses in the game!

S Tier

The best curses (or Devil Fruit) to obtain and use in battle!

  • Lightning Curse
  • Fire Curse
  • Operation Curse

A Tier

These curses come with strong abilities that are not only fun to utilise, but powerful when it comes to damage and strategy.

  • Light Curse
  • Snow Curse
  • Sand Curse

B Tier

I wouldn’t avoid these curses if I were you, but I also wouldn’t overly rely on them.

C Tier

I say you should only be using these curses when you have nothing else in your arsenal.

D Tier

The weakest curses in Cursed Sea – this Devil Fruit has definitely gone off!

  • Weight Curse
  • Invisible Curse

More On Cursed Sea

Cursed Sea is a Roblox game that takes you to the seven seas as you engage in combat on the waters. Progress through a range of quests as you improve your mastery by taking part in battles.

Wield different curses to find which is best for you and dive into PvP challenges with combat that relies on excelling in parrying! For more content on Cursed Sea, check out our Cursed Sea Equipment guide to find out how to collect a range of armor and weapons.

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