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My Hades RNG Rarest Aura guide keeps you up-to-date on the current rarest the game offers. If you’re curious about who the king of auras is, or your chances of getting it, this guide is for you! This guide receives regular updates as new and rarer auras are added to the game. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back often so you never miss out on the new rarest.

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Hades RNG Rarest Aura

RNG games put you in competition against fellow server members for who has the rarest aura. Whilst they are no more than cosmetic, being one of the lucky few to have a ridiculously rare aura is enough to flex. Eventually, Hades RNG will implement a combat system which may rely on the Auras which you have.

If this is true, you’ll want to get the rarer auras, as these are more likely to have heightened combat potential.

Current Rarest – Luminous

Lunimous is the current king of all auras nestling in at a 1 in 10,000,000 roll chance. Good luck, and remember to keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ what?

This aura stunts a clean white sci-fi-esque appearance where 6 layered arrows spew out from behind the wearer. In the centre of the arrows is an emblem of sorts, which connects to each arrow’s base using a spinning white and blue circular disc. Across the base of this aura at the player’s feet is a white circle which emits beams of white light.

How To Increase Your Luck

There are certain ways to increase your luck which makes Luminous seem less of an ambitious attempt. The main ways in which you can increase luck are by finding Drop Items or crafting permanent boosters.

Drop Items

Pray – These yellow stars can be found around the map randomly. Once collected, you can choose when to use it by accessing your inventory. Prays generate luck randomly for 1 minute, with the increased luck rates varying between 1 and 777.


Water Gwa Gwa – +20 Luck and +1.4x Luck

  • 2x Water – 1 in 1600
  • 8x Gwa Gwa – Spawns on the floor around the map

Darkness Gwa Gwa – +25 Luck and +1.9x Luck

  • 2x Darkness – 1 in 3000
  • 5x Gwa Gwa – Spawns on the floor around the map

Murder Gwa Gwa – +100 Luck

  • 2x Murder – 1 in 4444
  • 6x Gwa Gwa – Spawns on the floor around the map

Binary Gwa Gwa – +100 Luck, +2.0x Luck and Item ESP

  • 3x Binary X – 1 in 10,000
  • 6x Gwa Gwa – Spawns on the floor around the map

Planet Gwa Gwa – +321 Luck, +1.75x Luck and Item ESP

  • 3x Planet – 1 in 43,210
  • 6x Gwa Gwa – Spawns on the floor around the map

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