Get Dragon’s Dogma 2 for free with a Crucial T500 SSD in Ebuyer’s anti-Amazon Spring sale

By admin Mar24,2024

One of the neat things about massive Amazon sales, especially if you’re not keen on filling their coffers specifically, is that rival retailers often counter with big deals of their own. The best one I’ve seen during the current Amazon Spring sale is this Ebuyer offer on the excellent Crucial T500 SSD: the spacious 2TB model isn’t just cut down from £163 to £140, but it comes with a free Gamesplanet code for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Result!

In fact, there are a few different T500 variants – including some with a heatsink – that come with codes for the Ed-approved RPG. As the resident technical bore, I had some complaints about its PC performance, but I won’t deny that the actual game-y parts are good. And the T500 really is one the best PCIe 4.0 SSDs, period, scoring highly in our file transfer and game loading benchmarks. Still, I would direct you to the non-heatsink, 2TB model in particular, as it’s the one that best undercuts Amazon’s own T500 pricing while also throwing in the free game.

UK deals:

Despite the Ebuyer listings suggesting that this offer is good until March 31st, I’ve also been told by Crucial themselves that it’s only “until codes run out.” Even accounting for the silliness of entirely digital goods having any kind of scarcity whatsoever, that does mean you might want to act fast.

By admin

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