Epic Games Mobile Store Is Coming, Good News For Gamers?

By admin Mar23,2024

By December, you can access the Epic Games Store on your iOS or Android device and its renowned games and freebies. This heralds new rivalry amongst mobile game stores, will that mean better prices for developers and more options for consumers? A major shift is about to occur in the mobile gaming industry.

With its big cut in the profits for developers, Epic Games Store has changed the PC scene. They keep a massive 88% of the money they make from sales, while Epic keeps 12%. The 30% cut that Apple and Google usually request differs significantly from this.

This method of making things easy for developers may survive the move to mobile. This could be a good situation for everyone; developers might make more money, and gamers might get a broader range of games at lower prices. Epic has also hinted that they might let developers keep their money if they use their payment systems for in-app sales.

When the Epic Games Store launches on mobile devices, there will be much talk.

Apple and Google have long been the leaders in mobile app stores, but Epic’s arrival could change everything.

It will be interesting to see how these big tech companies deal with the competition.

What to Look Forward to at the New Store

The Epic Games Store mobile app will likely have a hand-picked collection of games, but the exact details remain secret. Along with some unknown gems, we’ll see some well-known faces. Since Fortnite is Epic’s most popular game, it would almost certainly be in the mobile shop.

Epic Games Store’s launch could change how games are distributed and make money on smartphones and tablets. The mobile gaming business is enormous, so this move could benefit developers and players. Mobile games have more to look forward to now that they have more choices and even better deals. To stay updated, visit Epic Games’ official site.

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