NEW PERMIT Hints the DinoLand U.S.A. Retheme May Begin SOON at Disney World!

By admin Mar22,2024

It looks like Disney may be up to something 👀

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In 2023, we saw some new changes that could possibly be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While we know the land will be changing, we don’t know what will take its place yet. We have gotten to see some concept art, hear what the plans would be, and have been left on our own to theorize about what could possibly be happening at the park. But based on a new permit filed, it appears things could be happening sooner than we thought or knew!

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We have been waiting with bated breath for any sort of announcement about what the future looks like for Dinoland, U.S.A. — and it looks like we can finally exhale a little bit. We’ve been waiting for a timeline for a while, and we may finally have a very loose idea of when we could be seeing preparations for the closing of this land — and it could be soon. 


Recently, Disney officially filed a permit with the South Florida Water Management District. While this doesn’t talk about any work being done on the land and no announcements have been made — this looks like it could be the very beginning of the end of Dinoland U.S.A..

Let’s go get that Dino!

The permit that was filed was for a trailer compound — generally these areas pop up around construction sights. The permit outlines that this compound will also have parking and utilities for those who will be working on-site.


We know that this isn’t a timeline for the Dinoland, U.S.A. expansion, but we are hoping that this is the first step towards an announcement of what is to come. We don’t know for sure that is what this permit is for, but its proximity to Dinoland gives us hope.

©Disney Dinoland re-theme concept art

The concept art for this area was shared at a Destination D23 event in 2023. The land that they shared was called The Tropical Americas and could include experiences inspired by Indiana Jones and Encanto. We haven’t gotten much confirmation about these lands yet, but Disney executives did share that they are planning to go all in on this expansion.

DinoLand, U.S.A.

Some of the concept art we’ve seen shares beautiful images of color, life, and more. One thing we spotted was Casa Madrial! Casa Madrigal is the house where the Madrigal family lives, and it comes alive with love and magic. We also noticed what could even be a new carousel like the Prince Charming Regal Carousel in Magic Kingdom. There is truly so much that Disney could create in this new land if they use Encanto as their inspiration!

Concept art for DinoLand expansion ©Disney

We also wonder if the Indiana Jones ride from Disneyland could make its way to this new land! The ride Dinosaur uses a very similar ride design as the popular Indiana Jones ride on the West Coast, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney brought that ride to Disney World if they choose to go with the Indiana Jones theming.

Indiana Jones Adventure

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