Dragon’s Dogma 2 vs Rise of the Ronin: which should YOU buy?

By admin Mar22,2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Rise of the Ronin are both “western style” open world games from acclaimed, beloved Japanese studios who don’t usually do this sort of thing. On paper, they have a lot of similarities: deep combat systems, vast landscapes to explore, visuals that push current gen consoles to the limit, and an intrinsic love of cats. In practice, despite their obvious crossover appeal, they’re wildly different beasts.

So, which should you buy? Well, if you haven’t got a PS5, the question is moot on account of Rise of the Ronin being a PlayStation exclusive. But assuming you’ve got a PS5, which should you buy? Our expert reviewers Alex Donaldson and Sherif Saed have joined me in the comparison video above to help you decide for yourself. Contains loads of gameplay footage. Like and subscribe etc.

Cor, imagine Assassin’s Creed with decent combat. | Image credit: Team Ninja, Sony Interactive Entertainment

By admin

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