After hours of preparing to fail Helldivers 2’s latest major order, it seems like players are getting conflicting reports as to whether they actually have

By admin Mar22,2024

Uh, ok, so this is gonna be a weird one. After Helldivers 2 have spent the last little bit all preparing to fail the game’s latest major order – likely due to all of the issues that’ve been plaguing the game this week – it looks like they’ve now gotten conflicting reports as to whether they have or not.

Yeah, they’re just as confused as you are. And I don’t just mean the folks who’ve been having to hope that the game’s mechs will someday become idiot proof. Though, to be honest, given the problems that’ve been afflicting the game’s galactic war liberation percentages, this might not be that surprising.

Now that the clock’s run out on the major order to liberate both Fori Prime and Zagon Prime, players have been posting their heartfelt reactions to not having managed to accomplish it. Execpt, the notifications they’re getting seem to be saying two different things on a case by case basis.

For every player posting that they’ve gotten an alert saying that the major order’s been failed, there are just as many sharing ones they seem to have gotten which claim that the community has actually succeded in accomplishing the order. The game’s official Discord server is full of folks who’ve having the same things happen and are naturally just as miffed.

As of writing, Arrowhead doesn’t look to have directly addressed this or explained why it might be the case. Though, since things were defintely headed towards faliure, it seems like assuming the notifications indicating sucess in the major order could well be the result of a bug.

Now, as I mentioned eariler, there have been a lot of issues going on with the game this week that’ve arguably not given the game’s community a fair crack at actually succeding in this latest mission. After all, it’s hard to finish an operation if the game freezes halfway through it, yeah?

That said, it seems like the odds of Arrowhead having somehow intervened due to that are pretty low. In response to one player in the Discord server asking if the developer can do anything about the major order, since the issues arguably haven’t given the community a fair crack at it, community manager Twinbeard looks to have effectively ruled that out earlier today.

A screenshot of a comment from Twinbeard in the Helldivers 2 Discord server.
Image credit: VG247

“Game lingo aside for now, no matter how weird it may sound, the galactic warfare is so intricate that even we ourselves more or less are forced to oblige,” they wrote “Even if we could affect the outcome in some cases, that’s not what we want. When a complicated chain of events are set in motion, it’s up to us, the players, to respond to that. We don’t simply press a button and have things dramatically change. Technical glitches are of course special, but winning or losing will be up to us, no matter the circumstances. It may sound harsh, but this is something that makes Helldivers 2 even more believable and worth investing in, in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, it looks like a fresh major order has already been issued, so while you wait for confirmation, you can get started on that, I guess.

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