Top 5 Worst The Hunt Badges To Try To Get and Why!

By admin Mar20,2024

With 100 games to play in a limited time, it’s hard to sort the best from the worst with badge obtainment. My Top 5 Worst The Hunt Badges guide covers the tricker challenges from this Roblox event. Considering you only need 95 total badges to gain each reward, you can safely skip these games. Unless you like chaos that is.

You may disagree with these games being the trickiest, but between our team here on DG, these are the ones we struggled with. (So much so that most of us haven’t gotten the badges across these titles!). Join the conversation and drop a comment with The Hunt badges you think are the trickiest to get.

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Top 5 Worst The Hunt Badges

Before I get into my list, I made a counterpart guide to this one with the Easiest The Hunt Badges To Obtain. Feel free to check that out after this guide.

Obby But You’re On A Bike

Before The Hunt, I loved Obby But You’re On A Bike. Now, it is my nemesis. Ok, I’m being dramatic. But the challenges for this title are so incredibly difficult. So difficult I can’t even complete the first challenge…

You must complete World 1 in under 13 minutes. This was originally 10 minutes but was extended due to feedback. Even still, I get to around 65% in 13 minutes so I’m at a complete loss. Unless you’re a parkour god, I’m not sure how anyone is completing this.

After that, you have to place 3rd or higher in a race, and then complete World 4 (untimed thankfully). I honestly think the first challenge alone is enough to warrant the badge since it’s so tricky and will take multiple tries for the majority of players to do.

Fruit Battlegrounds

This one sounds easier than it is, and if you’re an active player of Fruit Battlegrounds you’ll breeze your way through getting this badge. The challenge is to kill two players in a streak. Sounds easy, except you need to progress to level 15 and all abilities are locked behind higher levels.

To gain more abilities you simply have to spam existing abilities to level them up. That’s it. Again, it seems super easy, but the task is incredibly mundane and takes a while. When you finally feel prepared to PvP for your 2x kill streak, you’ll get destroyed by hardcore players most likely.

Treasure Hunting Simulator

This one is agony. Similar to Fruit Battlegrounds it sounds easier than it is. Locate 3 different chests found at different depths. Except, you’re new so your backpack fills after collecting two bricks worth of sand, and one sand brick is 1 depth… And some of these chests are found at 100+ depths.

Sure you can jump into someone else’s hole, but then you compete with other players to crack the chest first that they have better equipment for. If you do put the time into this hunt quest, it’ll take you forever to go from noob to just good enough to find each chest. Overall a hugely monotonous, grind-heavy game which takes far too many hours.


The Piggy Event is so involved. So many puzzles across different areas whilst having a timer against you. There are tons of numbers, locations and random items to source and remember. It is a LOT to keep up with considering this even realistically only takes around 15 minutes.

Steep Steps

This one is the final and possibly controversial one. You have to use your ladder to climb 100m and gather 5 Artifacts for the Samurai NPC. 100m hardly seems far but the game is quite calculated and one wrong move means you plummet a few metres, or in worse worst-case scenario lose your ladder altogether.

If you lose your ladder you either have to fork 15 Robux to return it, or jump down to where it fell and retrieve it. Not to mention other players will be in the way whilst you climb so you could fail due to interference. NEVER trust another player’s ladder, they’ll remove it right as you’re above a summit.

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