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Looking for some Domino Dreams free coins? We hear you. To help get you out of this mire, we’ve put together a list of tips below that will shower you with free coins if you follow them. That way, you can keep playing even when you’ve run out.

Domino Dreams is a mobile game by the makers of Dice Dreams. In the game, you solve Domino puzzles to earn cash, which you can spend on kingdom upgrades. You can also spin the wheel to earn even more free rewards.

Domino Dreams is free to play on Google Play. If you’re looking for more free stuff, check out our Waffle Game today answers, WWE SuperCard QR codes, and Coin Master free spins.

Domino Dreams Free Coins

Now, let’s look at the various ways that you can get free coins in Domino Dreams.


The fastest and easiest method of getting free coins is to simply play the game. Each time you complete a level, you earn coins. The more levels you complete, the more coins you accrue.

Try to Avoid Mistakes

Mistakes actually cost you coins in Domino Dreams. Each time you make one, you have to spend cash to reverse the move. More importantly though, if you fail a level you lose the 1,000 coins you invested in playing it.

If you play smart and complete levels on your first try with a minimum of mistakes, you will earn a lot more cash.

Invite Friends

When you invite friends and they start to play Domino Dreams, you earn 1,000 coins. That’s enough to play a single level. The more you invite, the more free levels you can play.

Spin the Wheel

Each time you spin the wheel, you earn a reward, which can include coins. To spin the wheel, just complete the number of levels above the wheel on the homepage.

Collect Your Coin Bonus

Every hour, you earn bonus coins that you can use to play even more levels. Just make sure to pop back regularly so you don’t miss out on as many free coins as possible.

Domino Dreams Free Coins FAQ

Still got questions about Domino Dreams or free coins in general? Read on to get your questions answered.

What is Domino Dreams?

It’s a mobile domino game, that provides you with a bunch of domino-themed puzzles to solve. Do so and you’ll earn energy that you can spend on upgrading your village.

Why do I Need Free Coins?

Well, coins are basically your energy in Domino Dreams, allowing you to continue to play. Without coins, you can’t progress, as you’re unable to play levels.

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