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Humans are a bit boring, right? If you’re running around the fantasy world of Pilgrammed you might as well get a slightly more fantastical character. Our Pilgrammed races guide is here to help! We’ve got all the races and where you need to go to get the makeover.

Pilgrammed is a Roblox game that gives you the chance to explore a wide-open, and very hostile medieval world. There’s a complex combat system, tons of different weapons, lots of enemies and quests, and some weird NPCs.

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Pilgrammed Races Guide

Here we’ll try and go over each of the races, how you get hold of them, and the advantages and disadvantages each of them bring.


  • Your default character race. All characters will start as humans.

Ice Troll

  • Acquired from NPC Gelician on the Isle Of Wind in the Northern Sea.
  • Ice Trolls will gain blue-grey skin and horns.
  • Ice Troll characters do bonus frost damage.
  • Simon will not sell anything to you.


  • Acquired from the NPC Simon on Pale Isle, straight off the coast from the Savannah jetty area.
  • Vampires get pale skin and pointed teeth.
  • In combat, vampires tale 25% more damage, but will regenerate health on killing an enemy.

Pilgrammed Races FAQ

Next we’ll try and answer any more general questions you might have on the Pilgrammed races, or the game in general.

What Are Races In Pilgrammed?

Races are cosmetic and skill changes that permanently effect your Pilgrammed character. You must talk to certain NPCs out in the open world and agree to let them change you to acquire a new race,

How Can I Reset My Race?

Races can be reset by visiting the NPC Creeper Reaper, who can be found in the Deadly Swamp area. If you’re a human, the NPC won’t do anything at all, as human is the default.

What Is Pilgrammed?

Pilgrammed is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open world action RPG with a full combat system. There are quests, enemies, and lots of different bosses to face up against. Mine ore, sail your boat across the seas, or team up with other players to help you face the dangerous world.

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