The Maw – 18th-23rd March 2024

By admin Mar18,2024

It’s GDC week over in San Francisco at the moment, and such a high concentration of video game developers in one place can only mean one thing: The Maw has turned its ever-dribbling gaze to America’s west coast, and is preparing to bask in all the fresh learnings being shared about how last year’s best video games were made and created. Edwin is one the ground there for us, so we wish him well in his news gathering and interview appointments. Back home, the news cycle still continues apace, with lots of great releases big and small coming up over the next seven days. Here’s what we’ve got our eyes on.

The big release of the week is obviously Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom’s high fantasy action RPG that comes to PC (and consoles) on Friday, March 22nd, but before then there are lots of other tasty releases that are worth keeping an eye on:

There’s cosy farming mech sim Lightyear Frontier launching into early access and Game Pass (March 19th); stealth mech action ’em up Raw Metal (March 19th); after much delay, the Jodie Comer and David Harbour-fied Alone In The Dark (March 20th); the PC version of mobile dice-rolling roguelike sensation Slice & Dice (March 20th) (my brother is properly obsessed with this); glossy PlayStation open world sequel Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition (March 21st); glossy Mechano-like car-based open world sequel Terratech Worlds (March 22nd, early access); and Furyu’s tactical RPG remake The Legend Of Legacy HD Remastered (March 22nd).

If there are any games we’ve missed here, do let us know as always in the comments, and may your news week be mawful and good.

By admin

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