Steep Steps The Hunt Guide – How To Complete The Torii Trail Quest

By admin Mar18,2024
Feature image for our Steep Steps The Hunt guide. It shows a player character in The Hunt gear, stood in the new Torii Trail area, looking up at the cliffs.

A veteran of the heights of Steep Steps? Or maybe just picked up the gauntlet as you’ve hopped into the big Roblox event? Either way, a whole new challenge stretches before you… or above you, anyway. It’s your job to retrieve some items for the Metaverse Samuari. Our Steep Steps The Hunt guide is here to help you get started. We can’t help you not drop your ladder though.

You can try out Steep Steps now on Roblox. Once you’ve got your badge you can head over to The Hunt on Roblox to pick your next challenge or redeem rewards. Want some more Hunt guides? We’ve got our Natural Disaster Survival The Hunt guide.

Steep Steps The Hunt Guide

It’s a treasure hunt with added ladders, and you’re going to need your physics brain in gear for this one.

Starting The Quest

Head on into Steep Steps and make your way to the Torii Trail. It’s accessible via the big blue archway in the spawn area, though you can also get into the area by hitting ‘Teleport’ under Torii Trail. Looking our for The Hunt’s dark blue coloring!

Once you’ve hit the Torii Trail, head over to speak to the Samurai NPC, stood by a well near the bonfire. Speak to him and you’ll discover that he needs to recover his five artifacts. Volunteer to help him out to pick up the quest.

Getting The Artifacts

The artifacts all sit around between 100m and 200m on the Torii Trail. To get them you need to use your ladder to advance up the the correct height, then explore the area. You can recognize the artifacts by their blue particle effects. Interact with one to add it to your total.

Hints And Tips

Struggling? Here are a few tips.

  • Shiftlock is your friend. It can make it much easier to place the ladder.
  • Teaming up with friends makes dropping a ladder less of a nuisance.

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