How To Catch Tales of Tanorio Alpha Tanorians – Plus What Are Alphas?

By admin Mar17,2024
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Not only does this guide tell you how to catch Tales of Tanorio Alpha Tanorians, but it also tells you what these oddly named creatures are! Think of this guide as an “Everything you need to know about Alpha Tanorians”. After all, I’m the alpha of guide-making! OK, I’ll stop… Let’s get into it!

Alpha variants aren’t something entirely new, but they take a different form within Tales of Tanorio. If you have played similar franchises to Tales of Tanorio you may be familiar with the creature sizing charts, where Alpha Tanorians are the pinnacle of beast size!

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Tales of Tanorio Alpha Tanorians

Alpha Tanorians are a 2.25x larger Tanorian than the species average. This just means you get a supersized Tanorian variant. Alpha Tanorians are similar to shinies without the commitment to a recolour since they are rare wild encounters landing at 1 in 1000. (Shinies are base 1 in 2000 for comparison).

Alpha Tanorian spawn rates increase during Foggy weather. The chance of encounter rises from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 750. On top of this, they are more likely to spawn in hordes. Alpha’s will display a caution sign within its summary when captured, which is your telling sign that you’ve got one!

Special Alpha Tanorians

If you thought Alpha’s were pretty special already you’re in for a shock! Special Alpha Tanorians are evolved versions of other Tanorians that can be found in specific locations around the game. Currently, there are only 2 types of Special Alpha Tanorians which are listed below:

  • Scarachnid: found in Whispering Woods
  • Corrock: found in The Mines

The thing that gives these Alphas that title of Special is that they often have better stats than the regular, and regular Alpha counterpart of that Tanorian species. And, they’re even bigger than the regular Alpha variant.

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