Fans Are Begging These Disney World Restaurants to Make Just ONE Change

By admin Mar17,2024

We are all about saving time at Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

Mobile Order is the hidden gem of Disney World, and we love it! It is so convenient to use and can save you so much time in the parks. But there’s one big change we’d like to see Disney make to its Mobile Order system!

Using Mobile Order is a great way to maximize your time in the parks, but, shockingly, Disney has not rolled out Mobile Order for all quick-service restaurants in the parks!

Mobile Order pickup

Mobile Order allows you to order your food from your phone in advance. This is a great way to skip the line! But, while there are a lot of options to Mobile Order from, we wonder why Disney has decided to not include the following on Mobile Order:

Magic Kingdom

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Animal Kingdom

Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe


Katsura Grill

Hollywood Studios

KRNR The Rock Station

If you’ve never used Mobile Order before, definitely give it a try! We’ve listed all the restaurants where you CAN use mobile order, but first, here’s a step-by-step guide for using it!

Step One- Get the App!

Make sure you download the My Disney Experience app as this is where Mobile Order is found. Once downloaded, open the app.

© Disney || Open the app!

Step Two- Open Mobile Order

From the home screen of the app, you will hit the plus sign. An option will show up for “Order Food”, click that.

©Disney || Click the + followed by “Order Food”

Step Three- Pick Where to Eat

Now you can choose where you want to eat. You can filter the results by your location. So if you are looking to order in Magic Kingdom, filter for Magic Kingdom.

© Disney || Choose where you want to eat

Step Four- Choose When to Eat

Now you can choose what time you would like to eat. You can schedule for now by selecting “As Soon As Possible”, or even schedule your order by selecting “Schedule for Later.”

© Disney || Find a time that works for you!

Step Five- Start Your Order

Once you are satisfied with where you are choosing to eat and what time you are eating, you can begin your order. You can do this by hitting “Begin Order.”

©Disney || Build Your Order Page

Step Six- Add Your Order to Your Cart

This is where you get to start to pick out your food! Mobile Order has pictures of each item so you can get an idea of what you want to order. From here you can even make modifications to ingredients. When you are satisfied with your selection, add it to your cart by hitting “Add.”

©Disney || Browse the Menu!

Step Seven- View Order

This is where you can review your order and make any other changes before checking out. If your order looks correct, you can hit “View My Order.”

© Disney || View My Order

Step Eight- Purchase Your Food

Once you hit “View My Order” you can choose how you wish to pay for your food. Once you have your payment selected, hit “Purchase.”

© Disney || Purchase!

Step Nine- Hit “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.”

Once your order time rolls around, you can head on over to the restaurant. Once you have arrived hit “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.”

© Disney || “I’m Here. Prepare My Order.”

Step Ten- Pick Up Your Food and Eat!

When your order is ready, you will get a notification on your phone. This notification will have the window number for pick-up along with your order number. When you get to the designated window, tell the Cast Member your order number, and voila! You Mobile Ordered!

© Disney || Time to Eat!

Currently, Mobile Order is offered at the following locations inside the parks:

Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner

Animal Kingdom



Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Hollywood Studios

ABC Commissary

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We hope Disney continues to add more locations to Mobile Order. We love to use it and it can help save you so much time in the parks!

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Do you like to use Mobile Order? Let us know down below!

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