How To Get The Recalibrated Omnitrix In Omini X – Unlock Some Powerful New Aliens!

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Ben 10 has many fine qualities, but the standout is easily its colourful cast of alien characters. In this guide on how to get the Recalibrated Omnitrix in Omini X, we’ll show you how to unlock more of these for yourself.

Omini X is a Ben 10 experience on the Roblox platform. It gives you full use of Ben’s iconic Omnitrix transformations, as well as a wide world to explore and bad guys to beat down. You start with a solid set of aliens to work with, but if you want all of them you’ll need to recalibrate your Omnitrix. This guide will show you how to do that.

You can give Omini X a spin right now via Roblox. For more on the game, check out our guides on how to get all Swords in Omini X and the Omini X Classes.

How To Get The Recalibrated Omnitrix In Omini X

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of acquiring the Recalibrated Omnitrix step-by-step.


Before you can get the Recalibrated Omnitrix, you’ll first need to reach level 190. If you’re struggling to get there, you can gain levels by leaving your character AFK while in Alien form, or by taking on Raids, such as the Eternal Raid or Dagon Raid.

Getting The Recalibrated Omnitrix

Once you hit level 190, you can start working on getting the Recalibrated Omnitrix. There are two ways to go about doing this: the active method, and the passive method.

Active Method

The active method involves talking to the Azmuth NPC. You can find him on the spaceship in the desert just outside of the game’s main city area. Approach him and, provided you’re level 190 or above, you’ll be able to hold down E to have him recalibrate your Omnitrix for you.

You’ll know this has been successful because the Omnitrix icon in the bottom-left of your screen will be blue instead of green. After a while, it will change from this to a sleeker version of the original green design, signifying that recalibration is fully complete.

Passive Method

As for the passive method, it’s a little more straightforward. Once you hit level 190, your Omnitrix should actually recalibrate by itself after an unspecified period of time. This means you can just wait, or continue playing normally, after hitting 190, and you should get the recalibrated Omnitrix fairly soon. If this doesn’t work for you, you always have the active method as a reliable backup.

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