Tales of Tanorio Route 1 Guide – What Can You Catch?

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Feature image for our Tales Of Tanorio Route 1 guide. It shows the entrance to Route 1 during a rainstorm at night.

Ready to head out on your monster taming journey? Your first stop outside Tanuku Village is Route 1, and you get your first chance to face the roaming trainers and catch wild Tanorians. Which ones? Well, read on with our Tales of Tanorio Route 1 Guide, and we’ll enlighten you over what lurks out in the first patches of Grass.

You can play Tales of Tanorio right now on Roblox. More monster-catching madness on the cards? Try our Tales Of Tanorio Chewaqua evolution guide.

Tales of Tanorio Route 1 Guide

On with the topics!

About Route 1

Route 1 is the first Route you encounter in the game, and runs from Tanuku Village. It’s the first step on the way to the first town, Arksworth, and leads on, not too surprisingly, to Route 2.

Tanorians On Route 1

You can catch the following Tanorians on Route 1. You get ten free Tanocans before you head out, though you might want to call in at the Tanostation in Tanuku Village before you step out to get a good stock. Potions are also a good shout to keep your new buddy up and running.

  • Notent
  • Calypillar
  • Eyaspire

You can also run into some of the weather-dependent Tanorians like Astaroid if the weather is right!

Tamers On Route 1

There are three Tamers on Route 1 that will engage in battle if you make eye contact. They are:

  • Bug Catcher Andy
  • Drake
  • Picnicker Jordan
    • Lvl 3 Notent
    • Lvl 4 Calypillar

If your Tanorians are feeling worn out, there’s a healing station on Route 2 where you can restore them for free, though you can’t buy items or swap out Tanorians from storage.

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