Minecraft Marketplace goes monthly: Unlock endless skins, maps, and more with a subscription to Marketplace Pass

By admin Mar15,2024

A new subscription service has arrived in Minecraft geared towards folks who like to browse and download goodies from the marketplace.

Announced this week, for $3.99 per month, or your regional equivalent, the Marketplace Pass provides access to over 150 content packs from Minecraft Marketplace.

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Explore 150+ pieces of creator-made content with Minecraft’s Marketplace Pass.

With items refreshed monthly, the marketplace features creator-made content such as worlds, mash-ups, skins packs, texture packs, and more. Some content is story-driven, others combat-focused, some speed you up a bit, some feature puzzles, and others shake up the scenery.

Available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, each month you can also collect a new set of Character Creator items to wear starting this month with limited-edition pieces such as a set of mythical boots, a leotard, a crown, and more. Once redeemed, they will stay in your wardrobe.

The pass comes with a 30-day trial for new members, and the subscription kicks in at the regular membership rate unless canceled. The pass does not support Amazon Kindle Fire or Minecraft Java Edition editions.

If you already have a Realms Plus subscription, you don’t need to subscribe to the Marketplace Pass because you already have the same access to content. Whereas Realms Plus includes a personal server for you and up to ten friends to play on together, Marketplace Pass is more for the solo adventurer.

For more information, head over to Marketplace Pass to check out the contents of this month’s subscription.

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