Complete Tales Of Tanorio Doopy Guide – Location, Evolution, And More!

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While power level is important, the most popular creatures in monster catching games are often the cutest. In Tales of Tanorio, Doopy, the coconut-carrying Grass dog, is firmly in this category. We’ll teach you all you need to know about it in this guide.

If you’re a fan of monster catching games, then Tales of Tanorio is the game for you. It brings all the magic of the genre to the Roblox platform, combining a stellar cast of creatures with a compelling story and a colourful world. Doopy is one of the stars of the early-game show here, and in this guide we’ll teahc you all of its secrets.

Tales of Tanorio is available to play on Roblox now. For more on the game’s best Tanorians, check out our Tales of Tanorio Astaroid guide and our Tales of Tanorio Kitweed guide.

Tales Of Tanorio Doopy Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of catching Doopy, and discuss how you can evolve it into its more powerful form.

How To Get Doopy

There’s only one place in the game you can catch a Doopy: on Prelude Plains, also known as Route 2. Doopy will show up in random encounters around 10% of the time on this route, so it shouldn’t take too long before you bump into one.

Doopy could be anything from level 1 to 10 when you encounter it here. If you’re aiming to catch one, try and bring along a Tanorian of roughly the same level, so you can wear it down without knocking it out. Doopy is a pure Grass type, so factor that in when deciding which Tanorians to send out against it.

How To Evolve Doopy

So you’ve caught a Doopy, now how do you go about evolving it? Thankfully, the answer is quite simple: just level it up. Once your Doopy hits level 18, it will evolve into Doopybara. It remains a pure Grass type in this form, but enjoys better base stats.

In addition, Doopybara is one of the few Tanorians so far that can make use of the game’s Mega Evolution mechanic, Guardian Reversion. This is confirmed in the second Gym battle against Dylan, where he uses it on his own Doopybara. While you can’t make use of this feature yet yourself, you will be able to eventually, so Doopybara is a safe investment for the future.

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