These 4 Disney World Restaurants Are the Definition of Loud Luxury

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In case you missed it, there was a trend last year of “quiet luxury,” also known as “stealth wealth” This is the showing of wealth in subtle ways. For example, quiet luxury is neutral colors, not wearing big logos of brands on clothing, simpler meals, etc.

Victoria & Albert’s

However, 2024 seems to be the year of the opposite of that. Known as “loud luxury,” this year, the wealthy are flaunting their wealth. You’re bound to see huge Gucci logos on t-shirts and bags, as well as see folks dining in the most expensive and high profile restaurants. That includes dining at Disney World, and there are four restaurants here that are the very definition of loud luxury.

So this is the most opulent  of Disney World restaurants, and people who have a reservation at Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort are sure to brag about it. The seven-course Tasting Menu begins at $295 per person. Wine pairings begin at $150 per person.

Amuse Bouche trio at Victoria & Albert’s

For those who want an even more loud luxury meal, though, there’s the Chef’s Table experience. This is a seven to ten-course menu that costs $425 per person with wine pairings starting at $210 per person. If you’re dining at Victoria & Albert’s and you haven’t saved up all year for it, you’re probably wealthy and you’re showing it off.

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Club 33 is so exclusive that many people have never heard of it. The Club was originally imagined by Walt Disney himself as a way to entertain VIPs. Now, it’s invite-only and comes with some pretty hefty membership fees. The Disney World Club 33 costs $35,000 to join, but there’s also an annual fee of $16,000. 

Magic Kingdom Club 33 entrance

Those with a membership, though, do get an Annual Pass for themselves, their spouse, and any children under 18. You also get access to all four Club 33 locations at Disney World, 50 single-day park hopper tickets, 51-day VIP tours, access to the Club 33 concierge, and access to other VIP events, parties, and ride previews. Note that you still have to pay for your meals at Club 33 restaurants.

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Monsieur Paul

Another way Disney World visitors can show off their wealth is by booking a reservation at Monsieur Paul at EPCOT’s France Pavilion. This upscale (dare we say, bougie?) restaurant serves elevated French food, and all that’s available is a Prix Fixe Dégustation menu that costs $195 per person, which includes a starter cocktail.

Dining at Monsieur Paul

This is a “gastronomic meal” using recipes by renowned Chef Paul Bocuse, who achieved three Michelin stars 53 years in a row for his restaurant in Lyon, France. So yes, this is the real deal.

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Takumi-Tei at EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion is certainly a restaurant where you can show off your wealth. Its Japanese name translates to “House of the Artisan” and it features five distinctive rooms all inspired by different natural elements with handcrafted works of art. Dining is a multi-course omakase tasting menu, which means it’s a meal curated by a chef.


Two omikase meals are available, including Kiku — The Omnivorous Course, which starts at $250 per person. There’s also Hasu, which features a Plant-Based Course — that starts at $150 per person.

These are just a few examples of loud luxury restaurants in Disney World. New restaurants keep making their way to Disney World as well and have been a variety of Quick Service and Table Service spots with a range in prices. So while loud luxury is a trend happening now, that doesn’t mean it’s Disney’s only focus in terms of dining, especially when it comes to new spots coming to the parks and hotels.

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Have you ever dined at any of these restaurants? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments!

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