Remember Missile Dude? Well, He’s Back With Boomerang RPG!

By admin Mar13,2024

The Dude’s back, so let the demon hunting begin! That’s right, Dude from Missile Dude RPG is making a comeback with the new game Boomerang RPG on Android. It’s dropping soon (expected to be dropped around March 21st). This time he’s ditching the missiles for something with a little more boomerang action.

Launched in October 2023, Missile Dude RPG racked up over five million downloads quickly. Continuing on that success, Super Planet is now publishing Boomerang RPG with Dude at the centre once again. It’ll be free to play just like its popular predecessor.

Boomerang RPG: Watch out Dude!

In this game, you get to guide Dude who’s armed with a trusty boomerang. You have to fight through hordes of demons. You’ll be levelling up, collecting new weapons and controlling your troops. As Dude, you’ll also be teaming up with a bunch of allies.

First up is Master Nyan. He’ll be showing you the ropes on collecting and upgrading your boomerangs to whoop some demon tail. Your boomerangs aren’t just regular boomerangs. They have magic effects. On that note, why don’t you take a peek at the game trailer below?

Don’t forget to dive deep into those demon stories. Each one comes with its own tale, and learning about them could be your chance to find their Achilles heel. Get your Demon Collection to 100%, and be the last one standing.

Oh, and the most important feature is perhaps the ways you can use your boomerangs. There are 4 different types of boomerangs, including Rotating Boomerang, Penetrating Boomerang, Elastic Boomerang and Replicating Boomerang.

If all this sounds fun, head over to the Google Play Store and grab Boomerang RPG. You can pre-register now and get in on the action once it drops.

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