Nightingale’s latest patch fixes major crashes, material losses, and improves the UI

By admin Mar13,2024

Having played Nightingale a bunch for early access review, I wasn’t entirely convinced by its mixture of survival and Destiny-esque power level grind. I also wasn’t too keen on its slew of bugs and tricksy interface. Still, the devs are hard at work fixing things, as the latest patch squashes major crashes, material losses when building, and further improves the UI.

Nightingale’s latest 0.1.1 patch is an enormous list of changes, all of which you can find on their official patch notes page. And the headline act here are fixes for various crashes, including those that happened when loading into The Watch, when in tutorial realms, mining and chopping trees, and if you happened to play on an Intel processor. Perhaps the most reassuring change is force quits shouldn’t lead to your progression being entirely reset. If my progression was reset during review, I would’ve crumbled into a pile of common rarity logs.

A blue silhouette of a building to be completed in Nightingale.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Inflexion Games

Building changes aren’t quite as numerous, but there are some helpful fixes for more infuriating issues. For instance, materials won’t be lost when destroying partially built structures and at Build Encounters (when NPCs ask you to help them build something, by which I mean, they will ask you to build the whole thing and stand around doing nothing) you won’t encounter scenarios where you can’t add resources to blueprints.

The game’s clunky UI was a big sticking point for me during my early access review, so it’s nice to get some confirmation that I wasn’t imagining some of the smaller annoyances. Guidebook entries shouldn’t require two clicks to open anymore. I always thought I was clicking more than once doing my time in the review mines! I knew it!

While the patch is certainly welcome, Nightingale’s gear score chase, lackluster portal realms, and weightless combat strike me as things in need of fundamental change – to say nothing of an offline mode, which Inflexion have promised to add. It remains to be seen whether the game can weather the storm and swing those “mixed” Steam reviews into positive.

By admin

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