Loved those killer Godzilla shoes the Minus One team wore to the Oscars? You could get the chance to buy them

By admin Mar13,2024

The Godzilla Minus One team wore some incredible kaiju-themed shoes to the Oscars over the weekend, and there’s a chance you’ll be able to pick some up yourself.

This year’s Oscars were a pretty historical one, with Christopher Nolan final getting an Academy Award (two, actually) for the first time in his career, The Boy and the Heron became only the second 2D, hand-drawn film to win best animated feature (a feat it deserves, but doesn’t really need), and somehow, Minus One became the first ever Godzilla film to win an Oscar. How it hasn’t managed to win anything in its 70-year history, I don’t know – though I have a few ideas – but honestly, one of the best parts of the night was how much the Minus One team puts its love for the giant monster on display.

For one, there’s the fact that each of them were carrying around Godzilla toys, one of which was golden, which was just incredibly cute. But best of all were the shoes they wore – each of them wore a pair of very stylish black shoes, all of which had Godzilla’s claws in place of a heel, and I am thoroughly obsessed over them. As it turns out, it’s possible that these will be made available for sale.

Fashion designer Matsui Ryosuke shared that these shoes were made by their brand hazama, writing in a tweet “We often see questions about where these godzilla shoes are made and whether they are sold. About that, these shoes were produced by our brand. And there may still be sales opportunities. If you would like, could you please spread this information?” Essentially, it sounds like if you let them know how much of a demand there is for them, they might be made available for a wider purchase.

I’m not the biggest Godzilla fan around, I’ve enjoyed what I have watched but have a lot more to discover, and I even want a pair. Let’s just hope they don’t cost as much as a whole city to buy.

By admin

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