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In my Tales of Tanorio How To Shiny Hunt guide, you learn the few ways to obtain rare miscoloured Tanorians. I also include what shinies are, and if they have any additional benefits! Read on to learn more.

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox game based heavily on the Pokemon franchise. Each Tanorian has a unique design, with inspiring evolutions, and a range of different Types. Prefer Ghost Types? It has them! Or do you like Grass Types? Look in the bushes! With shiny hunting, community-based route buffs, and mounts, Tales of Tanorio is the place to be for Pokemon fans alike.

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Tales Of Tanorio How To Shiny Hunt

Shiny Hunting is the pinnacle of grinding! There is no set benefit to shiny hunting except hoping to find a Tanorian whose colour pallet is unusual from the default. This means that these cosmetic Tanorians are purely to flex on fellow trainers and don’t offer any stat buffs to the Tanorians. Whilst you may think this is a wasted effort, Shiny Hunting can be quite therapeutic (if you ask me anyway), and extremely rewarding when you finally spot the Tanorian you’ve been hunting for some time.

Chaining Tanorians

Depending on your familiarity with other Pokemon-inspired games you may already know how to shiny hunt within Tales of Tanorio. Chaining Tanorians is the quickest and most secure method to get shinies. This method involves defeating the same Tanorian multiple times to create a “chain”. You can track how many of one species of Tanorian you have defeated in the bottom right of the game screen.

Higher chains increase the chances of a shiny of that Tanorian which is being chain hunted. If you defeat a different species of Tanorian in between chains it will reset your chain linking back to 0 and the chain will need to be reset.

Random Wild Encounters

You’d be extremely lucky to encounter a shiny in the wild by chance, but it can happen! I wouldn’t recommend hoping for chance encounters though as the rates are extremely low, with most Tanorians having a 1 in 2000 chance for a shiny. This is still quite generous when compared to the franchise that inspired this title.

Random Wild Encounters are exactly that. As you progress the game naturally and run through Tanorian hotspots you may randomly stumble upon a Tanorian shiny! This isn’t a reliable method to get shinies if you want to collect them, but it is a nice surprise.

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