Tales Of Tanorio Codes Guide – Are There Any Real Codes?

By admin Mar12,2024
Feature image for our Tales Of Tanorio codes guide. It shows the titles screen, with the three different elemental starters.

Confused over codes? Puzzled over promos? Tales Of Tanorio is out, and plenty of people are looking for ways to get extra rewards. Everything is pretty new, and there are a few guides floating around out there that might not totally tell the truth, so we set out to explore and test. Our Tales Of Tanorio codes guide has our findings.

You can play Tales Of Tanorio for yourself on Roblox. Want some more monster-catching fun? Try our guide on how to unlock mounts in Tales Of Tanorio.

Tales Of Tanorio Codes Guide

Let’s get down to the business of codes.

Are There Any Codes?

Are there any working codes? We’ve checked the official sources such as the Discord, and tested several codes floating around that claim to be functional and we’ve come to the following conclusion:

  • There are no active codes available for Tales Of Tanorio at the moment.
  • Any codes we’ve found have proved to be fake after we tested them in our own server, so don’t waste your time.

Is There A Code Redemption Process?

We’ve checked and tested supposed code redemption processes and can confirm the following:

  • There is no working code redemption process in the game at this time.

How Do You Get Money With No Codes?

No promos? No problem, there are ways to win money that you can keep doing. There are also several useful features in the works that might help.

Existing Features

  • Repeat Battles – Battling trainers is usually easy money. You can speak to defeated trainers to do a rematch. Find one near a Tanostation and heal up easily in between rounds. You can grind out money with minimal stress.

Planned Features

  • Trading – Planned trading features should let you and your pals trade items. Handy!
  • PVP – PVP is on the way, and might be a good way to get bonus rewards.

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