NEWS: HUGE Dining Reservation Changes NOW LIVE in the Disney World App!

By admin Mar12,2024

If you’re planning a Disney World trip soon, one thing you’ll want to think about before you travel is where you want to eat!

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Disney World is home to over 400 restaurants, and for many of them, advance dining reservations are highly recommended. You can make dining reservations 60 days before your trip through the Disney World app or website. And if you’re getting ready to make reservations soon, you should know about a big system update!

A major dining reservation change just went live on the My Disney Experience app — you can now search availability for multiple days at one time!

To use this new feature, you’ll start by looking for reservations as usual. Press the ‘+’ button on the My Disney Experience home screen and select “Check Dining Availability.” You’ll then choose your party size, start date, and time. However, once the screen loads, you’ll notice a new “Check Availability for Multiple Days” button beneath each restaurant. 

Start by looking for availability as usual! ©Disney

Once you click on that button, it’ll direct you to the restaurant’s individual reservation page. You can edit your party size, and then you’ll need to select your date range. 


The calendar will show all the available dining reservation days (60 days out), and when you select your first date, it will show you a “selectable range” for you to choose from. 


You can pick up to ten days at a time, and it will automatically select all the days between the two dates you choose. (So as it stands currently, you wouldn’t JUST be able to pick the 11th and 15th — it automatically shows the 12th, 13th, and 14th as well.)


From there, you get the chance to choose your time again, and then availability will pop up below for each date in your chosen range. How handy!


If the restaurant you want is not available during a specific date or time range, there will be a “no availability” message listed below that date. This could be very useful if you’re willing to modify your park days to fit your desired dining reservations!


So there you go — a full guide to the new setup! At the time of publishing, the change isn’t yet live on the website, but we’ll keep you updated once it shows there as well. Stay tuned to DFB for more dining reservation news and tips!

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