How To Get Flowither In Tales Of Tanorio – Game Release Legendary!

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After bagging the game release legendary to flex on your fellow trainers? My guide tells you How to get Flowither in Tales of Tanorio including this elusive Tanorians location as well as general stats so you can strategise your attack.

Inspired by the massive Pokemon franchise, Tales of Tanorio is your pocket monster adventure right inside of Roblox! Stunting gorgeous 3D visuals and captivating fights you become the protagonist of your journey.

After surviving the incredibly long intro, pick your Tanorian and explore the world! You can compete in tournaments, against other players, or simply explore and shiny hunt! The journey is entirely yours to decide.

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How To Get Flowither Tales Of Tanorio

Tales of Tanorio included a legendary upon release, however, this high-tier Tanorian is quite elusive and well hidden. You’ll need to have defeated Dylan within Gym 2, which unlocks the Vine Climb ability. If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Vine Climb allows you to scale cliffs with overhanging vines by using the vines as a ladder.

Flowither Location

Using Vine Climb within Kaigan Cliffs allows you to get closer to the legendary, Flowither. You’ll need to cross the bridge within Kaigan Cliffs and head to the side of the Tano Station. Beside the camp is a drop-off point in the cliff that will have Red Vines descending downwards.

Interact with the Red Vines to reach the lower platform and head through the grass patches until you reach a cave opening. Within this cave opening is Flowither, who is within a field of flowers. Walking towards the legendary will thrust you into a battle with the legendary which is your chance to capture it.

Flowither Stats

This legendary Tanorian is a Ghost and Grass type, meaning it is weakest against Dark types and Fire types. Being legendary means Flowither won’t submit easily even if you have effective Tanorians, so be prepared for a long fight!

During combat, Flowither will max all of its stats and also perform life-steal moves. You can track your progress with the boss-like health bar at the top of the game screen. These maxed stats will be able to one-shot most Tanorians so it’s best to weaken Flowither as quickly as possible before it sweeps your entire team.

To capture this legendary Tanorian you first need to defeat it. Once this is done a screen will display the following message: “??? can now be found roaming in the wild!“. Be warned that the form of Flowither which you fight is not the same as the form you find out in the wild. The wild Flowither has a 1 in 1000 spawn chance.

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