The Maw – 11th-16th March 2024

By admin Mar11,2024

A new week has slouched into view, and with it a slight shift in The Maw’s terrifying visage. A new presence can be seen through the mist, perched on its shoulder, whispering tendrils of video game news nuggets into its greedy, hungry ear. The Maw appears sated, but will the distraction hold while we await the return of our news editor Edwin, whose long weekend sojourns won’t conclude until tomorrow? We pray and hope it will be satisfied in this relatively quiet week of game releases and newsy happenings, lest it turn its awful gaze upon us with a wrathful vengeance. FEED THE MAW.

Here are the games we’ve got our beady eyes on this week, at time of writing: brutal, but extremely stylish action RPG Death Of A Wish (11th March); the Metroid-inspired Rebel Transmute (11th March); turn-based fantasy roguelike Goblin Stone (12th March); WayForward’s new Contra run ‘n’ gunner Contra: Operation Galuga (12th March); the early access launch of beloved team-based FPS Tribes 3: Rivals (12th March); retro love letter and archive project Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story (13th March); I’m not sure it needs to exist, but here it is anyway Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection (14th March); Outcast: A New Beginning (15th March).

As always, if there’s something we’ve overlooked in our weekly scouring, please do pop your suggestions and recommendations in the comments. The Maw is hungry, and welcomes all titbits of news and shiny new video game releases. Have a good week!

By admin

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