Struggling for super samples? Helldivers 2 players want turning lesser stuff into useful stuff to be a thing

By admin Mar11,2024

Oh no, Helldivers 2 players are asking Arrowhead to consider making a little change to the game in order to make things easier for folk who aren’t up to the challenge of delving into a higher difficulty battle just to secure some super samples. To be fair to them, the idea of transmuting plentiful resources into other ones seems to be going down pretty well so far.

This isn’t the first time that the way the game dishes out its rewards – or more imporatenl;y what folks have to go through in order to acquire some of the stuff they want – has been a point of discussion in its community. Remember the whole farming debate, which feels like it happened about ten years ago now we’re at the point when mech riding’s becoming a thing and people have gradually stopped causing a ruckus about balancing?

Well, now a user over on the Helldivers 2 subreddit has cracked out Photoshop (other image-editing software is available) and mocked up a feature that they, and plenty of their peers, seem to think would be a welcome addition to the game. It’s a simple one – let folks pay in requisition slips to transmute certain amounts of lesser resources, such as common samples, into rarer ones. Also, they’ve used the word “process” twice in one sentence in the mock-up, but we’ll forgive them.

The reason they give for asking Arrowhead to add in the feature is equally simple and also pretty relatable: “because some of us are not good enough at the game to even beat [a] 7+ [difficulty mission in order] to get super samples”. Basically, instead of being forced to take on a higher difficulty than they’d like, and potentially risk incurring the wrath of those who’re at home playing higher up the challenge ladder, you’d be able to stick to the ops you’re comfortable with and not miss out on anything.

Interestingly enough, it seems like plenty of folks would even want the feature to go beyond just this, with the original post suggesting being able to turn super samples into medals and some of those who’ve responded to it requesting the ability to turn super samples into common ones, in order to avoid having to stop just playing on higher difficulties.

While I’m generally for the idea of folks being able to play in whichever manner they like, this does seem like it might stop some of the interesting interactions that can come from mixing together players of different skill levels. How are newbies supposed to be inspired if they’re not able to watch someone decimate an entire enemy force using a mech and/or enough firepower to sink a small island, eh?

As a couple of folks in the thread have suggested, maybe distributing different resources a bit more evenly across the different difficulty levels might be an alternative answer here, though that obviously comes with the caveat of possibly making things a bit too easy to grab early on in the game’s progression.

Whatever you think might be the solution to folks ending up with a bit too much of one thing and not enough of others, make sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the latest updates on Helldivers 2.

By admin

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