Catch Captain Pikachu in Pokemon Go before it’s too late!

By admin Mar9,2024

Pokemon Go has added a cute little Captain Pikachu to the game in celebration of the nigh release of Pokemon Horizons. While it’s relatively easy to catch a regular version, you may be busy farming out that precious shiny version. It’s the real prize of the update, and it won’t be here forever!

Catching a shiny in Pokemon Go requires you to win out over a 1/500 if you’re hunting for one out in the wild. Shinies in regular five-star raids slice that down to an far more pallatable 1/20 chance. As for Raid Events? They’re your best bet with a 1/10 shiny chance. It’s safe to say, the odds are against you.

As for where Captain Pikachu shows up? You can track them down in the wild thanks to its boosted spawn rate. But your best bet when it comes to shinies is 1-star raids. If you’re really looking to squeeze out as many Captain Pikachus as possible, you can redeem this free code for a bonus encounter. Be quick though, you only have until March 13 to redeem it. Who knows, it may make all the difference.

Shiny hunting is one those aspects of Pokemon games that really intrigues me. It’s an obvious endgame for the super-enthusiasts, and don’t get me wrong, having a full team of off-colour Pokemon is dope. It’s perhaps the most ingenious gerbil wheel the Pokemon Company could have made all the way back in Gold and Silver, proven by the fact people will still go bananas over a limited-time shiny in this Horizon event.

Are you one such shiny-hunter? Let us know below! Also, if you do manage to get a shiny Captain Pikachu you’ve gotta hit us up on Twitter and tell us about it. It’s the Poke-law!

By admin

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