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By admin Mar9,2024

Why be second when you can be first, the best! My Second Piece Race Tier List ranks each race from best to worst. As an avid fan of One Piece and Roblox, I reckon this is one of the best tiers covering each race. Races offer a variety of buffs and stats to the player, so stick around to find out which wins the race. (get it?)

I update this guide regularly to make sure it’s always at its best! Including game-changing updates that buff and nerf races, and rare cases when more races are implemented. To make sure you always know the best from the worst I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back soon!

Check out Second Piece by visiting the game’s Roblox page. If you’re after more Second Piece content check out our Second Piece Tier List – Best Demon Fruit guide and my Second Piece Quests guide!

Second Piece Race Tier List

Whilst I am quite the One Piece fan, this tier list will still rile up a few of you. This is only natural as tier lists are subjective to the player, and each race offers something different meaning preference will be relevant. That said, I crafted this tier list with love, personal playtime experience, player feedback and a general consensus of the game. So, let’s get into it!


OP! Meaning Overpowered, not One Piece. These races are versatile and strong, and offer a plethora of unique buffs.

  • Demon (10% roll chance) – DMG increased by +20%
  • Draconic (1% roll chance) – Buffs Fire DMG skills and ROAR Ability. Also enjoys a few extra abilities which can deal DMG and stun enemies


Good, just not the best. You could still comfortably be one of these races for the entirety of your game.

  • Arrancar (1% roll chance) – Enjoys the active skill Hierro which gives a 67% DMG reduction, as well as the passive Sonido.
  • Angel (1% roll chance but removed from reroll) – Enjoys both active and passive skills that increase DMG buff for user and allies, as well as a cosmetic


Mid races. Overall they’re just average. Nothing too special, but not weak either.

  • Fishman (30% roll chance) – Increased Defence and can swim significantly faster


These races are weak but not entirely useless. They have some niche buffs attached but I wouldn’t settle for them.

  • Mink (30% roll chance) – Perform faster dashes and overall increased movement speed


Nah, I’d be the worst.

  • Human (70% roll chance) – the default, but at least it offers a +5% DMG boost

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