Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 gets a mythical new cinematic teaser

By admin Mar8,2024

Good news chug-juggers! A new cinematic teaser trailer for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has been released online, giving us a taste of what to expect from the near-future of Epic Game’s titanic battle royale. With the teaser’s release, we know that a more comprehensive trailer will be coming tomorrow.

The trailer shows us a taste of the “myths and mortals” update, with various mythological weapons, outfits, and environments to take a gander at. Highlights include two wolf companions by one of the featured characters, a sick looking chain dagger, and a very Zeus-styled lighting bolt being wielded as the teaser’s stinger shot.

Fortnite has been having a steady schedule of fun releases in recent memory. Fortnite Creative gave us LEGO Fortnite, which had its moment in the spotlight and became incredibly popular straight away, even if it did become a tad tedious. Then the battle royale version of Fortnite had a bunch of banger updates, including one that gave us Peter Griffin. You love to see it.

Fortnite continues to truck along as a popular free-to-play game in this brutal era. While other games have popped up and attempted to snatch up the vast battle royale player base since its release, few have managed to do so. Just look at recent popular releases! Helldivers 2 is a good ol’ fashioned PvE multiplayer shooter, and The Finals is a 3-person competitive objective based shooter. The games that have managed to slice a home out for themselves have done so by staying out of the battle royale feeding grounds.

Will you be jumping into this new Fortnite season? Let us know below!

By admin

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